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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Vote no on prop B


If Prop. B passes, it will further harm the economy in Missouri.

Proposition B specifically targets those who are already licensed and inspected by the Missouri Department of Agriculture and who are in compliance with state and federal laws. It does nothing to address those who collect animals living in horrible conditions as long as the animals are not being bred to produce puppies for sale as pets. Proposition B is specifically aimed at eliminating the legal, licensed professional dog breeders in Missouri who produce healthy, happy puppies.

Prop B creates a class C misdemeanor crime of "cruelty" for ANY violation during an inspection of a kennel by the Missouri Department of Agriculture, including a drop of food in a water bowl, a cobweb in the corner of a building, a scratch on a painted surface, etc.

Stacked cage enclosures with trays below each for easy cleaning and sanitation would be a class C misdemeanor for a licensed breeder while veterinarians, shelters, humane societies and rescues could use the same enclosures and be totally exempt from the law. Show breeders with more than ten intact female dogs could not crate their dogs for any purpose while preparing for shows, grooming or keeping intact females separate from males.

Legal, licensed breeders could have NO MORE than 50 dogs, regardless of the excellent care they receive while anyone not breeding dogs could have unlimited numbers of dogs living in filthy conditions. Prop B creates the first step in HSUS and other animal rights groups dictating the number of animals one may own.

Prompt treatment for ANY illness or injury would be required by a licensed veterinarian, including something as simple as an upset stomach, torn toenail, cut on the nose, or any minor issue often treated by the breeder. Costs for veterinary care for minor issues would skyrocket, resulting in fewer purebred dogs available for public demand.

Prop B requires constant and unfettered access to an outside exercise area which will be deadly to newborn and non-weaned puppies that may crawl outside to follow their mothers and cannot find their way back inside. Babies will die of heat exhaustion and dehydration in the summer and hypothermia in the winter. Drafts of air created by required indoor/outdoor runs for mothers will ensure upper respiratory stress and pneumonia for babies, resulting in the deaths of many newborn puppies.

Breeders of hunting dogs are exempt from licensing unless even one of their dogs or puppies is sold as a pet or lives inside the home of the purchaser.

There is no scientific basis for eliminating tenderfoot flooringwhich allows for easy cleaning and sterilizing of enclosures.

Proposition B interferes with the working relationship between a breeder and his or her veterinarian on the health of their dogs and the frequency of breeding. The Department of Agriculture would be charged with determining the breeding frequency of dogs in licensed facilities.

HSUS has introduced Prop B as a means of eliminating the legal, licensed professional dog breeders in Missouri. According to the Department of Agriculture, no current licensed breeder can comply with the regulations put forth in Prop B, no matter how clean and well run the facility. Cost prohibitive space requirements coupled with misdemeanor crimes for the most minor of issues will eliminate the legalindustry in our state.

Only unlicensed, substandard breeders will be left to produce puppies while continuing to hide from state laws.

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