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Monday, October 18, 2010

Missouri Libertarian Party Passes Resolution on Statewide Ballot Initiatives

At its Executive Committee meeting on October 17th, the Missouri LP discussed the merits of the various initiatives on the statewide ballot for the Nov 2nd election and issues the following statement:

Constitutional Amendment 1: Oppose While it does not seem illogical, in principle, that counties with a charter form of government elect their county assessor, an amendment to the Constitution with language that exempts “counties with a population between 600,001-699,999” specifically to exempt Jackson County strikes us as absurd. What will happen when the population of Jackson County grows or shrinks to be outside this range, will the Constitution be amended again? We feel that Constitutional amendments should be broad based, not targeted to some specific group or locale.

Constitutional Amendment 2: Oppose This proposed amendment, which affects an extremely small number of people strikes us as blatant political pandering. Arguments can be made to exempt many less fortunate groups from property taxes, so why this one? We would prefer to see property taxes lowered or eliminated across the board, which would create real economic prosperity. Increased economic prosperity will create more opportunities and resources for the less fortunate citizens of Missouri.

Constitutional Amendment 3: Support We support any broad-based initiative to reduce or eliminate the tax burden or prohibit the imposition of new taxes.

Proposition A: Support We are opposed to earnings taxes and find them to be even more unjust when imposed without the people's vote. Although the governments of St. Louis and Kansas City are unfortunately, yet predictably, addicted to their respective earnings taxes, the 10-year phase out period should provide a more than adequate adjustment period. The negative economic consequences of taxes on income are well known, however the negative effects develop over time. Unfortunately, politicians generally lack the fiscal discipline to act in the best long term interest, particularly when there is the enticement of an immediate rush of revenue. Therefore, the explicit prohibition of new city earnings taxes will help protect the general welfare of the citizens of Missouri from greedy politicians.

Proposition B: Oppose Like most people, we find animal cruelty appalling. However, as Libertarians, we are opposed to the passage of ever more regulations that will have a broad-based and negative effect on legitimate businesses. There are already extensive laws on the books prohibiting animal cruelty. See http://www.showmedaily.org/2010/10/would-prop-b-really-help.html for a comparison of the language of the current law and Proposition B. We are also concerned that the real agenda is to eliminate dog breeding and ultimately animal agriculture, as these are stated objectives of some of the groups providing the money behind this initiative. Virtually all regulations sound good on their face, however, in reality they simply end up driving up the cost of business, through paperwork, bureaucracy and red tape, most of which accomplishes nothing toward the stated objective. This cost must ultimately be passed on to the consumer in the form of higher prices Meanwhile, the small minority of 'bad actors' continue to circumvent the laws.

Voters who are Fed Up! with bailouts, stimulus plans that only stimulate bigger government, government takeover of health care, rising unemployment, never-ending foreign wars, and a big brother police state will find common ground with the Libertarian Party. The Libertarian Party is America's third largest political party and has been fighting for smaller government since 1971. The Missouri Libertarian Party has been a recognized party in the State, with continuous ballot access since 1992. For further information visit www.lpmo.org or call 877-Vote-4-Us.


Cisse W. Spragins, Ph.D.

Chair, Missouri Libertarian Party



"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants, it is the creed of slaves." --William Pitt, speech to the House of Commons.

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