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Friday, March 19, 2010

The Oil Con

For many years, and quite recently I have stated that energy independence for the US is not only impossible, but stupid.  As long as the prices of natural resources, including oil, are low, we should be purchasing as much of our resources from others and saving our own.  As the dollar is nearly worthless, IMO, just about any dollar price of any non-renewable commodity could be considered low.  I had thought this was my own idea, but it seems someone else has thought of it. 

The below article, and other work by this author, suggest an ongoing official hidden US govt policy of hiding our own resources and buying up others.

The Oil Con

Bix Weir

I've been noticing a lot of talk in the media, in the US government and amongst our crowd (gold/silver bugs) about the sky high price of oil and what we can do about it. I am begging the friends of gold and silver to read chapters 29 and 30 of John Perkins book "The Secret History of the American Empire" (www.johnperkins.org/paperback) where he very clearly explains how the US Dollar was taken off the "gold standard" and put on the "oil standard" implemented by Kissinger, Shultz and Cheney back in 1971.

Most of us now know (or at least have the suspicion) that the prices of most commodities are rigged by computer programs run through the banking cabal and orchestrated by the Federal Reserve New York office. OIL is no exception. It is more than likely that oil is 100% controlled by a computer trading program run by the banking cabal and friends inside the US Government. Just like gold and silver, the oil supply/demand characteristics are not relevant to a manipulated, false price that can be set and steered by a few digital entries in a computer trading program. The US will continue to hide it's huge oil reserves in "national parks", "nature preserves" and "ecologically sensitive areas" as well as suppress any fuel alternatives (such as the electric car or hydrogen from water) that would circumvent the need for high priced oil until the US Dollar "oil standard" is abandoned.

As Perkins explains, the high price of oil and the requirement to trade oil in US Dollars is essential to supporting a "strong dollar policy". GATA has shown that this also includes the price suppression of gold and silver. Perkins relates first hand knowledge that in the 1970's, with the help of the UK, Israel and the Saudis, the US was able to orchestrate the formation of OPEC and jack up the price of oil globally thus necessitating the need for more and more US Dollars for the world to buy oil.

Today is no exception. With oil trading over $130 a barrel the world needs $4 Trillion dollars annually to facilitate these oil purchases. The most ingenious part of the "oil standard" plan is that working with "friendly" oil producing governments, most of the oil profits were funneled back into the United States through large US based corporations. Today these oil profits are more likely to show up as "investments" from Sovereign Wealth Funds to bail out the Western banks.

The long policy of the US to use other people’s scarce natural resources before our own may have seemed brilliant to some but the blow-back has turned the world against the USA .....a country that was founded on truth and honesty but has built its power base upon lies and deception.

It is true what Chris Powell said at the "GATA Goes to Washington" conference:


But I think a better question may be: "Since the invention of computer trading programs, has there EVER been "freely traded" markets?!)

The "little man behind the curtain" is alive and well!

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