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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Welcome to Global Moral Hazard. It's not enough to just get f***ed by american bankers.

Tyler Durden over at Zero Hedge shows us how the European banks are screwing everyone the same way we got screwed in our first 2 bailouts.  How long are we/them/everyone going to continue to let politicians and big bankers f*** us in the a**.  Come on people, wake up!  The big banks and politicians are lying to you.  Bailouts allow the game to continue, and the game is a casino where the Big Banks are the house, and the govt has guns at our heads forcing us to play.  Buying gold and silver may be the only way out, they can only play w fiat money.  They will keep bailing themselves out w our (fiat) money, until we have none left, all the while telling us it would be so much worse if don't let them.  "It's too complicated." they say, "Only we who caused this mess, have the experience to fix it."  Take some anti-nausea medication and read what James Glassman at JPM wrote, after reading the below article.  Remember, a significant portion of the Greek Bailout is OUR TAX DOLLARS

European Banks Now Feverishly Betting Against Euro, As Bailout Fails, Gold Surges

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 05/11/2010 04:29
Thought experiment: You are the head FX trader at French megabank Croc Monsieur & Cie. (HFT: CMC) For the past 5 years, your bonus has been getting paid primarily in company stock. In the last two weeks you have seen the stock of your firm plunge as the markets have finally realized that those idiots in the Fixed Income desk have loaded up to the gills with PIIGS debt which is now worth 60 cents on the dollar at best. And to top things off, the euro has plunged to multi year lows killing any chance of buying that New York Pied A Terre which seemed so cheap when the EURUSD was 1.50 a few months ago. So what do you do? Well, you short the living daylights out of the EUR, knowing full well that the EU, the IMF and the ECB will not let Europe crash. You sell, you sell on margin and then you sell some more, trying to get EURUSD all they way down to 1.20, to 1.10, even to parity if possible, to make it all that more believable that the end of Europe is coming. And, lo and behold, on May 9 your plan succeeds: Europe agrees to bail your bonus out, by flushing $1 trillion under the pretext the money will be used to stabilize the periphery and the euro. Immediately the stock of CMC, and thus the value of your accrued bonus (several million worth), surges by a record 20% in one day. So you think: "How can I get an even greater bonus appreciation? Why - I will short the euro again. At this point I know that between myself and the other FX desks at all the other French and German banks we can easily take the euro down to 1.20 if not much lower. After all we are only trading against the very central banks that are keeping us alive. And when that happens Europe will have to print another trillion, then ten trillion, then one hundred trillion, all the while the stock portion of my accrued bonus surges. Brilliant." Brilliant indeed - Zero Hedge has received confirmation that several of the largest French banks are now actively shorting the euro to take advantage of globalized moral hazard, which with every ensuing bailout does nothing but make the bonuses of French FX traders surge. In other words, the very banks that Europe is bailing out are betting more and more aggressively with each passing day against Europe's own survival! Even George Soros has shed a tear of pride in how beautifully his initial plan to take on the BOE has mutated for the Bailout Generation.

And overnight, the traders from the imaginary CMC, and other all too real French banks (and now US hedge funds), are succeeding, as the last traces of this weekend's $1 trillion bailout are long forgotten: futures are plunging, Asia is collapsing, the EURUSD is probing a 1.26 handle and we see it easily going back down to 1.25, even as gold surges.

We anticipate another record bailout to be announced by Europe within the month as Europe now has no other choice. And each subsequent bailout will only lead European banks to bet even more aggressively against the survival of Europe, which destroys more and more European taxpayer capital. Welcome to Global Moral Hazard.

**************************************************************************** Jim Rogers video on currencies and govt, only 3 minutes
Did anyone notice Gold hitting new highs yesterday, in just about every currency w further gains today.  This in the face of a strong dollar, as opposed to the last gold highs during a weak dollar.  This is aincredibly bullish for gold.

U. S. gold coins sales soar on economic anxiety

What's in your wallet?  Actually your pocket.  What are US coins made of, what do they cost to make?  One question not clearly addressed is "why are we still using the penny?"  The continued circulation of the penny costs us at least millions if not billions of dollars, and lots of extra time waiting for cashiers to count out 4 pennies.

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